I thought it was over, well it wasn’t.

The client who didn’t want to pay? Whose assistant I got an email from two weeks ago saying they had sent a check?

Just send me an email to tell me he sent me 25% less than what I charged him, than what as written in my invoice, even after I detailed every dollar on the invoice for him, because it was apparently my problem for not ‘understanding what he wanted’ and therefore charging him things that ‘his secretary could have done for him for free’.

and he has the guts to ‘warn me about these mistakes’


I am so fucking done.


I’m personally extending les mis fantasy week on my blog for at least the rest of the month join me


How do I draw stick!feuilly, though? Feuilly is great but I don’t know how to make him funny?

OH MAN. yeah, he’s not the easiest to make funny… he’s not givent much occasions to be funny in canon, eh. He’s written the straight man and his humour isn’t as obvious as, say, the Bini’s or Courfeyrac’s, or as physical as Prouvaire’s or Bahorel’s. He’s quieter, more dry and deadpan, I guess? It’s how playthatsadtrombone and subsequentibis draw/write him and I think it works quite well for him! :)

- I’m like the last person to talk about humour, though, so if anyone has anything to add about this…

(otherwise there’s always exaggerated character traits? ;))

honesty hour man ask me anything on or off anon i’ll answer

for my mom Easter is a more important holiday than Christmas; she’s the only member of our family who’s close to being a practicing Catholic, but the entire family was here this weekend - meaning me and Kev, my brother, my sister, and my parents - and it was lovely. The house is full of flowers and we ate ate ate - mom made pudding chômeur and tiramisu (at my brother’s request!) for dessert, we had a huge brunch this morning with eggs and crèpes and ham and fresh fruit, and chocolate fondue for dinner.

outside’s still so cold and snowy for the end of April, but it was a lovely weekend.

and I’m ever eating dessert again, ahah.


so here’s what happened in my mind:

Little Feuilly who never spends enough time in a foster family and something always goes wrong, little Feuilly in an orphanage with friends but not siblings, just friends and people who come and go in and out of his life, as he grows to learn. Little Feuilly being kind and generous and loyal yet always keeping his distance from other people because he’ll eventually have to survive and he learns that he has to grow brave and independent from a very young age.

Like, when tiny lil Feuilly falls and scratches his knee, there are always people who’ll patch it up for him but no one who’ll have the time to sit down and kiss it better and hold him while he cries. There is always someone to give him food but not one who’ll sit down and make sure he finishes his meal. There is always someone who makes sure he goes to school but no one to help him with his homework or to assure him it’s okay to make mistakes. And Feuilly is okay, Feuilly doesn’t protest, Feuilly can do it.

Until lil Cosette and her papa visit the orphanage to bring toys and clothes to the kids and play with them and five year old Cosette meets eight year old Feuilly and they play quietly alone. Feuilly is always calm and composed with an inherent, tired smile that belongs to a person four times his age and Cosette is radiant and funny and smart and Feuilly teaches her about all the bugs on the playground and Cosette introduces him to her imaginary butterfly friends whom he greets with a serious face. And then Feuilly falls and scratches his elbow and it really hurts but he doesn’t even grimace, instead he goes to his room and cleans it up himself even though it stings and Cosette hugs his waist and says “it’s okay to cry if you get a boo boo, papa says boys cry too” so Feuilly cries even if it doesn’t hurt that much and Cosette hugs him with her chubby arms and calls Papa who kisses it better even though Feuilly is embarrassed at first but secretly he really fucking needs the human contact.

Valjean and Cosette keep visiting Feuilly and get permission to take him out some Sundays or even at home to spend the day. Feuilly and Cosette form the most natural of bonds as if they’ve always been siblings, even though they don’t even live together. Feuilly and Cosette spending entire evenings pulling faces at each other and making competitions and doing their homework and sewing stuff even though their everyday lives are completely different. 

Valjean never intruding in Feuilly’s life choices, instead always being there to guide and help things flow a bit more smoothly for him without disturbing his independence. Valjean paying for proper courses for the foreign languages Feuilly has already taught himself. Valjean doing everything to help Feuilly win an anthropology scholarship that sends him to travel and learn the things he’s always wanted to learn. Valjean finding Feuilly his first job at 14 and several of his next jobs as well. 

Feuilly volunteering. Feuilly following Valjean at homeless shelters, cooking and spending time with the elderly, saving stray animals and teaching art to kids. 

Douches at school make Cosette feel insecure about her family when she’s 11 and about her image when she’s 14. Feuilly gives them a good lesson. Cosette never being ashamed to call him and talk about her school crushes and helping him find out that being asexual is ok bc neither of them is ashamed to share anything with the other. Feuilly finds out about Cosette’s backstory with the Thenardiers when he meets with Eponine via Marius and he’s the one who brings them together again and overcome the problems of the past, so that Cosette can gain a friend if not a sister. Feuilly helping Marius meet Cosette, never having to threaten him or something equally cliche because he can see the way Marius loves her unconditionally. 

And then pregnant Cosette and Feuilly painting her toenails, and Feuilly babysitting baby Pontmercies for Marius and Cosette to relax during their honeymoon, and baby Pontmercies painting uncle Feuilly’s face while he sleeps, and Feuilly moving in with Valjean so that he won’t feel alone and abandoned after Cosette gets married. Feuilly being the son Valjean would have should god have granted him with a son. Idk, I shut up before it becomes any cheesier.