all in all, if you make people feel bad for doing something that makes them feel good and doesn’t hurt anyone, then you’re being a dick and need to stop that, kid, stat. 

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that was really super eloquent and awesome, not really sure where this anon gets off—you keep being you, friend

thank you <3

subcourfeyrac a réagi à votre billet :.
It looks like someone who was just trolling through the selfie tag and messaged you to get a rise, sweetie. Don’t pay any mind to it.

I don’t think people who sent these kind of messages generally look back to the blogs they sent it to to see the reply, no - although that selfie did get a lot of notes compared to what I’m used to, so I don’t know where it might have ended up? I don’t really care though, I’ve heard myself described with a lot worse than just ‘plain’ ;)
I still think it’s important to use that opportunity to encourage people to share their selfies if they want and if it makes them feel good <3 because it’s one little way we can fight back to the industries telling us we should feel bad about ourselves, and I think it’s really starting to work, so we need to keep it up!

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your selfies are really cool and this anon seems to be a hateful teleporter from the fifties just for using ‘plain jane’ i can remember my baby boomer mother spewing the same reductive bile

ah, thank you! pff yeah, I’m not a native speaker so I don’t think I’d ever seen that expression used other than in my old text books. ;)

"that anon is so rude. SO RUDE. how dare they?? first of all, if anyone is plain here it's them for hiding behind the anon-face just for the sake of being rude and in the hopes of achieving what? ruining your day? Second of all, yeah, nothing wrong with wanting attention or validation or loving yourself, you go for saying it!! c: There's something special about everybody if you open your eyes and stop the bad attitude that comes from jealousy or smth <3333 you're fab <333"

AH! yeah, true, that anon icon isn’t especially fetching. ;) 

<3 <3 thank you, friend, and I think I will make an extra effort to reblog and like and comment on even more selfies because everyone deserves to love themselves, even if it’s temporary, even if it’s just a little. I think happiness is made from little bits there and there, you know? and nothing will ever be perfect, there will always be someone rude to hate on you, but a little kindness every day can go a long way in the end. <3

"So u posted a picture of yourself and a sad little story about your dance teacher for attention. Get over yourself. You are just a typical plain jane. There's nothing special about you."

Eh, don’t worry, friend, I know that - I’m plain at the very best. I didn’t expect any attention at all? I don’t think you know me very well at all if you think that that caption (and 85% of the self-deprecating comments I make on a daily basis) are meant to be taken seriously.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting attention from time to time - no matter if you’re good-looking or not.

I like posting selfies on my own blog (keywords being: my own blog) because it makes me feel good - usually - and selfie culture is fucking important. We’re told day after day that we’re not pretty enough, not good enough. So fuck them, fuck these standards, and snap a picture of your face if you like your hair or make-up! or your clothes, or just the way your eyes look in this light! Who does it hurt? Absolutely no one. Who does it help? everyone. Selfie culture is great and one of my favourite things about the ‘net these past few years.

So say what you want about my looks, I’m big enough to deal with it, but stop shitting on people who post selfies when they like how they look, that’s not helping anyone.

This is what i do with my life; this is important.
Might make more of these because, why not?

"You're actually really beautiful- screw your dancing teacher, she's an idiot! I love your eyes/ eyebrows. WOW."

Oh, my gosh. Thank you so much, hon! <3

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Booooooo :( can you order something?

:) I’m okay! I ate whatever else I would have put in my sandwich separately, ahah.

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tbf this is kind of a constant state of being

worked all afternoon on a project that is, of yet, unpaid - only ate some weirdly named cracker for lunch

walked half an hour in the hot blistering sun to find the bus stop

riode an hour in the over crowded, smelly bus

all the while thinking "I can’t wait to be home and make myself a sandwich yes it’ll be so good with fresh juicy tomatoes and soft, buttery bread, yes…"

finally got home, exhausted

the tomato has gone bad and the bread is moldy

damn it


Gelrev Ongbico

Fantastic Mr. Fox Doesn’t Feel So Fantastic