dancingQueen (by Majlee)
"Feuilly: ☾"

Oh goodness knows he tries, but he never gets enough sleep.

His days at work are long, and while the work isn’t physically exhausting - he has a stool and a roof over his head, which is still more than a lot of people can say, but he has to focus tiny details for hours and hours. 

At the end of the day his hands cramp up and his eyes burn, the smells from the paints and solvents give him headaches and all he wants to do is fall on his mattress and sleep for a week.

Understandable, of course; but he doesn’t.

Because after so long repeating the same patterns and colours, day after day, his mind starts to wander; he wakes up earlier than he really has to to read before work, and it stays in his head all day, and he thinks, and reflects, and theorizes.

And when he finally gets home he’s exhausted, but he has to put these thoughts somewhere - or he has to find out the answer to the question he’s been asking himself all day, maybe he has time to squeeze in a few more pages -

(sometimes he’ll make himself some tea to calm the headaches before going to sleep, and then he gets distracted and ends up asleep at his table. His neck hurts the next day and he swears it won’t happen again, but it does, inevitably.)

When he sleeps long enough to really sleep well, he sleeps peacefully enough. He rarely has nightmares or insomnia - he usually falls asleep the moment he lies down and wakes up whenever his internal clock decides it’s time to. He sleeps curled up, most of the time, trying to take as little space as he can - a habit from his childhood he never really lost. 

He’s a cuddler, too. He’s always a bit cold, and his blankets are some of his most prized possessions - so when there’s another warm body in his bed he’ll instinctively be drawn to them.

He can sleep pretty much anywhere, too, used to get sleep wherever - and whenever - he can.


incognito-princess replied to your post: “I ate an orange and a plum and left the orange peel and the plum seed…”:
Aw, look at you tricking your family into getting vitamin C!!!

Glad my big sister tricks still work, even when they’re now 17 and 22, respectively ;)

I ate an orange and a plum and left the orange peel and the plum seed on a plate on the table next to my laptop.

and my brother and sister pointed at the seed and asked what it was.

"An orange seed," I said.

Which they obviously didn’t believe, but I insisted.

And now my brother’s eating his third orange in five minutes, trying to find if some of them really have giant (plum) seed.

I love being a big sister. 

Hey, hey, I’m going to shower and stuff, but please send me more headcanon prompts and stuff, please! :D

chromiumantimony replied to your post: why does he asks or my opinion if he’s…

He is Fantastic-Mr.-Foxing you :/

Actually, I’ve thought about this all day, and - you know, I’m not angry? He doesn’t want - or need - my opinion, even though that’s what he was seemingly asking for. He wants my support, and he wants me to be excited like he is. I can give him that. :)

eirenical replied to your post: [Courfeyrac/Feuilly, Feuilly helping o…

Oh my holy goodness, that is so adorable and Grantaire is SUCH a little shit. But since it results in an excuse for this cuteness, I think he can be forgiven this once. ^_^ AW.

Thank you! :D

Grantaire does have odd ways of showing his friends he cares about their well-being. ;) I think he’s the kind of guy - we all know a person like that, don’t we? who’s an asshole at time to ‘teach his friends lessons’ - like being rough on them, playing the devil’s advocate, shake them up a little to make them ‘stronger’ and all. It can be really really annoying sometimes - he irritates some of them on a regular basis - but most of them don’t mind because they know they’re allowed to tell him to fuck off when needed, too. ;)

(and I think Grantaire respects that, too - he doesn’t go crying in a corner when his friends tell him to fuck off, because he likes his friendships to be balanced, I think, when his friends aren’t shy to tell him to shut up when he’s being rude, etc..)





yo can I drop some advice all you kids trying to get entry level jobs need to learn? I learned it the hard way and now I shall impart that to you.

when you see this shit, that goes “you need like 10 years experience and all this other qualifications nobody with all that would ever apply for a job like this with”, that means one thing: they are weeding out people who don’t believe they can achieve that level. They go “sigh, I can’t even compete, fuck it.” and don’t apply, saving the company the trouble.

What you, as a fresh new student, need to do- is apply anyway with a Luffy-like optimism that you will get that fucking job!! You don’t have a million years experience BUT YOU’LL TRY AND NEVER GIVE UP ETC. You write an opener letter with that in it, submit your shit, and get that goddamn job because they just found somebody who’s willing to give it a try anyway, who has the confidence and the ability to play with the big boys and they will train you to become a master because fresh meat is vital to the industry. 


i really wish i’d read this three months ago

to those who are still looking for their first job: it wouldn’t hurt to try. the worst thing that can happen is that you get a “no”

Also, even if you don’t get the job:

Take time to send a handwritten thank you card. Tell them that you appreciate that they took the time to interview you/look over your résumé, and that if anything pops up, to let you know.

My friend was turned down for an internship with the Blazers but followed up with a letter like that, and two weeks later, they called her saying a spot had opened up and decided to contact her since she said she was still interested.


Oh god, if I had known that last year…

takethewatch a réagi à votre billet “[Courfeyrac/Feuilly, Feuilly helping out Courfeyrac with car troubles…”

I LOVE this it is so well done!
#ve this is fantastic#the way it alludes at classism#without making it obvious#and how they’re both starting to realize they need to be a little more careful even with friends#it’s great to see fic of a relationship (friendship or otherwise) that’s not at all perfect but not codependent or abusive or otherwise terr#*terrible either

Yay! I’m super glad you liked it and these were definitely things I wanted to show - although I didn’t want to be preachy or angry either, ‘cause I just think it’s not the way these two interact with each other? I mean I love the Courfeyrac/Feuilly relationship/friendship because they are both such different people in pretty much every aspect, except for the fact that they are both incredibly caring - willing to listen and say sorry when they make mistakes, which makes their potential relationship very strong and healthy, imo, though of course not perfect - but then again, no relationship should be ;)

thank you! <3